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Particle-based 3D Fluid Analysis Software Development

E8IGHT is striving to grow into a domestic program recognized in the world by professionally researching and developing fluid analysis in the CFD software sector, one of the innovative technologies in preparation to the era of 4th industrial revolution.
Since establishment in 2012, based on the super computing technology that combines the particle-based solver technology and GPGPU (high speed parallel processing), the first NFLOW CIVIL program optimized for civil engineering and construction in Korea was launched, and a solid reference by collaborating with many public institutions and related institutions was established. Moreover, in order to broaden up the analysis sectors to various fields from manufacturing to mechanical, shipbuilding and marine plants, we have cooperated with famous companies and overseas professional research institutes to develop highly reliable software through joint research and verification. In order to create new values and secure future competitiveness, E8IGHT will actively strive forward to solidify its position by developing programs demanded by the market and providing customer services.



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E8IGHT co., ltd.

Jin-hyun Kim

May 7, 2012

The JS Tower 5F, 249, Unjung-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea

7 patent registrations, 4 patent applications, 10 trademark registrations,

26 software registrations, 8 theses published, 6 academic announcements

Particle-based CFD software development, applied software development

E8IGHT’s Brand CI

E8IGHT Co., Ltd. Company brand name marks represent a combination of eight words beginning with the letter E and, in principle, a message from a hopeful and evolving company based on trust from its customers. As the media became more widely used, it has enhanced its brand image by redistricting the meaning of CI and BI. While maintaining the basic format of traditional Corporate and Brand [Products] identity, the readability of the logo is designed to allow the brand to continue to develop and expand with the focus on color and symbols as they are designed.


It has shaped the world (global): Shaped polygons, expressing 8 meanings implications for E8 and its commitment to a wider range of business areas. As a leader in software development, we always have a different vision and thinking than others.

Color is a design essence that can effectively express the brand image of E8. Blue and Green Blue colors represent the representatives of companies of fluid simulation and symbolize hopeful, progressive, young and fresh images that will lead to scalability to new business platforms.




E8IGHT’s Brand logo (NFLOW / NFLOW CIVIL / NPLAN) is designed to be simple and trendy in each field, and it is made flexible so that it can be utilized variously according to each application and media.



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Technological advantage of
E8IGHT to grow into a global 
company based on new ICT technology

We are creating a new CFD S/W for customer innovation. 

To strengthen the competitiveness of our customers , we will provide the efficiency and convenience that you have never experienced before.

We will also take the lead in providing the following eight alphanumeric E words : Evolution, Excellence, Effective, Expression, Expression, Efficiency, Efficiency, Extension, Experience and Education., representing the E8IGHT, in order to present the most dynamic and responsive to the company in the direction it is capable of providing the best in the world.


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