3D CFD Software Optimized to Mass Analysis

NFLOW CIVIL is fluid analysis software specialized in analyzing mass facilities and regions such as buildings, roadwork, dams and rivers. Unlike 1D or 2D numerical analysis models, this professional CFD software shows 3D analysis result.

It is capable of essential verifications in designing drainage facilities such as roads, tunnels and drain pipes in construction and civil engineering works as well as facility suitability reviews of large water resource facilities such as rivers, dams and reservoirs. Also, it can be applied in diverse fields by providing DB essential for predicting the scope of damage in disasters.


Efficient Simulation Environment from Design Stage

Create Modeling

NFLOW CIVIL provides NPLAN (modeler) specialized in modeling road / water resource facilities and can easily generate models including information necessary for analysis and design with simple inputs.


It employs particle-based CFD solver optimized in large scale analysis for efficient simulation environment.

Resulting Data (Image / Excel / Chart)

It sets off 3D results with high visibility real time using analysis data and sets off numerical data desired by user such as flux, velocity and depth.




Why does it

have to be NFLOW CIVIL?

Secure Simulation and Data for Diverse Situations

By changing the size and location of structures such as buildings, roads, dams / reservoirs and drainage facilities and setting the rainfall, rainfall intensity and rainfall frequency, it gives simulation data for varying situations.

Provides highly visible 3D Results Real Time

It sets off data desired by users such as flux, velocity and depth and provides highly visible 3D results that can be understood by nonprofessionals at a glance on a virtual space.

Differentiated Educational System and Reasonable Price Competitiveness

Regional networks are formed for easy accessibility in Korea and user-oriented customized education. Also, unlike imported programs with multiple distribution structures, it has a direct sales structure that enables reasonable pricing for customers.

Save Design Costs and Maintenance Costs

It offers simulation with various options at 70 – 80% lower costs than hydraulic models. Also, through verification of simulation, you can save the budget necessary for design stage through maintenance after installation.


Civil Engineering / Construction Drain Design and Facility Verification

NFLOW CIVIL verifies drainage status of drainage facilities in the design stage to prevent errors in advance. Also, it identifies any design errors and problems in existing facilities to provide improvement measures.

Review Sections of Weak Drainage in Roads

Drainage status that cannot be predicted from previous design standards and guidelines that are 1D or 2D oriented can be verified by 3D simulation to identify any potential errors and problems in design stage and provide the most appropriate improvement measures.

Review of Propriety of Water Resources Facility

By verifying the drainage capacity of water resource facilities such as dams, reservoirs and rivers through simulation, the risk levels of facilities are evaluated and mid to long term plans and management measures to various situations can be established.



Prediction of Scope of Damage from Disaster and Establishment of Preventive Measures

NFLOW CIVIL can identify problems of hazardous regions from potential disasters, predict scope of damage and perform simulation by applying various solution measures to identify the optimum preventive measures.

Prediction of Scope of Damage from Disaster

Through simulation on social infrastructure facilities (SOC) and hazardous districts concerned of disasters, responsive system can be established in advance and duty personnel can make prompt and accurate decisions in the event of disaster.

Support Efficient

Disaster Management Process

Predict scope of damage by time range, set golden time, analyze scope of damage and prepare responsive manual from disaster situation to support efficient disaster management process.

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