3D Fluid Simulation S/W, NFLOW

NFLOW is a complete suite of CFO Solutions utilizing mesh-less methods such as SPH, LBM. NFLOW can be broadly used in all fields of fluid analysis including gas and liquid, while also providing additional client requirements that range from design to verification. In contrast to previous CFO software solutions that require mesh for analysis, NFLOW is easy to use while producing quick results due to the lack of the pre-processing step. NFLOW also enables users to accurately and reliably analyze the movement of fluids. NFLOW SPH and NFLOW LBM programs are further specialized to analyze the physical properties of fluids. 

Particle based processing algorithm

NFLOW has a proprietary algorithm that discovers neighboring algorithms quickly by modeling a search data structure dependent upon the position of each particle. 

•    Split the entire area to be analyzed
•    Search for particles belonging to a divided space
•    Search neighboring spaces for particles belonging to the reference particle


Multi GPU Algorithm for Analysis Speed improvement

Multi GPU Algorithm

Multi GPU is the technology using a multi-professional graphics processing unit (GPU) to intelligently improve the performance of applications and significantly increase the velocity of workflow, which provides overwhelming velocity compared to traditional CPU software.


• Parallel processing technology (GPGPU) applied to perform 8 times faster than CPU

• Performance Solver combined with high-speed computing GPU parallel operation processing code

• Multi GPU load balancing technology for even distribution and distributed processing


Multi GPU Algorithm for Analysis Speed improvement

•Elimination of inefficient manual time for mesh generation minimizes analysis time and increases work efficiency

• By setting attributes, nonprofessionals can easily prepare for analysis


Intuitive and Convenient Working Environment

•Provides an integrated work environment that allows user to work with one window.

•It is possible to print 3D simulation results in various formats such as charts and videos.

Intuitive and Convenient Working Environment

• Provides an integrated work environment that allows user to work with one window.

• It is possible to print 3D simulation results in various formats such as charts and videos.


NFLOW SPH, 3D CFD Software

NFLOW SPH is a fluid simulation software developed by applying particle method [SPH method). It can be used in all fields requiring fluid flow analysis such as multi-phase, interaction with rigid body, free surface analysis, particle visualization. 

Analysis of complex flows such as multiphase flows

In the case of FDM or FVM using a grid, it is difficult to search for a boundary that requires high accuracy because numerical instability of the termination part occurs when expressing the boundary surface of each phase. On the other hand, NFLOW SPH using SPH method has flexibility in dealing with large changes of interface such as free surface because each uses particles having inherent physical quantity.

Applied in various fields

Existing mesh type analysis tools are analyzed in limited spaces and structures, while NFLOW SPH is analyzed based on particle characteristics, so there is no limit to the size of the object to be analyzed. It can be used in various fields depending on the size of structure and space, and it is highly usable for analysis according to users.


SPH History

SPH is a meshless Lagrangian Method developed by Monaghan to calculate astrophysical phenomena problems with Particle Method. In the 1990s, it has been used extensively in the engineering field. Compared to traditional numerical methods, there have been active researches on SPH in academia and industry for the past 20 years, and it has been applied to highly ductile materials, fluid-solid interactions, compressive and incompressible fluid flow analysis.

Why SPH?

Unlike the finite element method (FEM) and the finite difference method (FDM), which are numerical methods of Eulerian method based on the mesh, SPH is one of the meshless methods and it analyzes the flow by following the motion of the fluid material point, This unique nature makes it easier and more flexible to interpret physical phenomena that are difficult to interpret based on existing mesh. In particular, nonlinear free surface flow can be analyzed excellently, making it easy to interpret complex and dynamic flow phenomena such as tire aqua planning, gearbox oiling, and spraying, and it provides good results for free surface phenomena such as droplets, droplets, and bubbles caused by static conditions or interaction with moving objects.


NFLOW SPH Workflow

NFLOW SPH can be easily used in one GUI for pre-processing, solver and post-processing, and offers a variety of additional functions

• Structure and Structural Movement Setup

• Set particle properties (initial particles, generated particles)

• Analysis settings

• Perform analysis

• Analysis result report (legend, chart, measurement)

• Moving Camera (camera movement setting possible)


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