NPLAN, BIM Software for Optimized Civil Engineering Design

Existing civil engineering designs have only 2D design drawing data and there were difficulties in converting them into 3D design data. Using NPLAN, models with necessary data for analysis and design are automatically generated with simple inputs. Users can easily add and change facilities in a design and connect to NFLOW CIVIL to provide easier work environment for analysis.

+  NPLAN : NFLOW CIVIL License Purchase Optional per year


BIM Software for Optimized Civil Engineering Design

Create various civil engineering structures

by simply entering dimensions

More quickly perform repetitive design tasks and simplify time-consuming tasks
+  Create various linear shapes such as simple curves, clothoid curves and oval shapes
+  Create various drain structures such as U-shaped side gutter, L-shaped side gutter, underdrains, collecting wells,

conducting drains and perpendicular/horizontal drains
+  Create various roads such as paved surface, medians, boundary stones, steep slopes, bridges, tunnels and lanes
+  Create cutting and mounding slopes of various forms

Powerful automatic creation function in 3-dimensional environment

+  Automatic modification by parametric linking of mutual information
+  Automatic topographic processing by cutting and mounding slopes of various forms
+  Automatic binding of road paved surfaces of varying linear shapes and accessory structures
+  Automatic alignment of various drain structures and convenient user entry functions

Convenient functions and others

+  Real time 3-dimensional conversion of tasks performed in 2-dimensional modes such as plane and longitude
+  Automatic entry of various basic cross-sections based on standard drawings of roadwork simply by clicking
+  Supports direct entry by command and mouse
+  Supports importing topography data of various forms such as contours, triangular nets and DEM
+  Supports drag-and-drop in 3D virtual space
+  Supports 2D/3D previews of entered modelling
+  Supports grouping and ungrouping of completed data
+  Export completed data (in *.stl file format)


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