Finding out about the Military Service Exemption System

Today, we brought news related to the military service exemption system.

This system might be unfamiliar to many of those who doesn’t have obligatory military service in their nation.

“Military Service Exemption System” is a system to enhance national competitiveness by acknowledging military personnel’s military duty if they have served as a researcher or technician in laboratory or business. (Source : Naver Encyclopedia)

To serve military service as a researcher, they must have their master’s degree or higher in science and engineering field and work in a laboratory or company for 3 years. Also, the laboratory or the company they’ll work in must be selected by the Military Manpower Administration. The system was first enforced in 1973 and candidates are evaluated with their English score and GPA.

Candidates can apply to the system in June and candidates trying to apply for Venture companies or SMEs has the chance in both June and January.

In our corporation, we have 9 researchers that puts great effort into their research and our software NFLOW based on their major. Some of our researchers have studied abroad in Russia, United States of America or Japan and are multilingual.

The military service exemption system reduces young people’s burden and at the same time the firm can obtain valuable human resources. Researchers can keep up with their research and use their ability on making a better product the firm is developing.

Recruiting personnel from abroad requires high costs, so firms can overcome these challenges. The system itself becomes a great opportunity to the firm and as well as to the researchers.

Source | E8IGHT Interview – Solution Research Support Team, Seungwook Son

Our firm develops particle based CFD software and owns technology that is competitive to other global companies. Our NFLOW is a result of endless effort that our researchers have put into by using their outstanding major knowledge.

Military service exemption system has contributed in improving the quality of research in Korea and has made an excellent result. So therefore, the current system and its size should be maintained.

We will continue to lead and develop NFLOW so that our users can utilize the software with convenience and ease.

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