· Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation

· BAU Consultant Co., Ltd.

· JINHWA Co., Ltd.                   

· Mott MacDonald (UK)

· TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research)

  • Application in Government and corporate

· Natural Disaster Management Institute

· Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

· Taeyoung Corp.                   

· Kumho E&C

· Sphere Fluidics (UK)

  • ​Application in National R&D

· Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement

- Development One-stop Solution 3D Simulator in Saemangeum

- Develop 3D simulation and establish integrated Management system of Civil accident


· Ministry of SMEs and Startups

- Analysis of Multi-Phase Fluid Flows with Relatively Large Density Ratio.

  • ​Project

· National Disaster Management Research Institute
 - Simulation from collapse of reservoir

· Busan Eco-Delta City
 - Tsunami disaster simulation

· Korea Rural Community Corporation
 - Application of waterlogging simulation
    from collapse of Unjeong Reservoir

· K-water
 - Checking on the Flow of Water Gate

    in Gangcheon-bo, Chilgok-bo and Paldang Dam
 - Yeongcheon Dam new water-intake design verification
 - 3D CFD Analysis service for water treatment plant operation

· LH Researcher 
 - Simulation of elliptical fine dust reduction facility

 - Hull design and drain design verification

· Busan Regional Construction and Management Office
 - Simulation
    ▶ Geomse District, Samramjin in Nakdonggang River
    ▶ Gigye-Andong road construction work
 - Design verification of national road flood recovery

· Seoul Regional Construction and Management Office
 - Simulation
    ▶ Masong-Nusan road expansion work
    ▶ Inhwa-Kanghwa road expansion work
    ▶ Underpass of detour in Suwon-si (Dongbu Corp.)
    ▶ Execution design o fMunbalje reinforcement work
        (Dongbu ENG)

· Korea Expressway Corporation
 - Application of drainage design using 3D fluid simulation
 - Simulation 
    ▶ Execution drawing of Gwangju Sunhwan Expressway 
        (Seoyoung ENG)
    ▶ Saemangeum-Jeonju expressway?construction work 
        (Kumho ENC)
    ▶ Saemangeum-Dongseo 2-Chuk road construction work
        (Korea Engineering Consultants Corp.)
    ▶ Hamyang-Ulsan Expressway?construction work 
        (Taeyoung Corp.)


· VoPak
 - Global oil terminal design simulation​​​

  • ​Establishment of NFLOW solution

- Chosun Univ.
- Daelim Univ.
- Dongguk Univ.
- Dongmyeong Univ.
- Dongsin Univ.
- Gachun Univ.
- Geumho Engineering Univ.
- Gunguk Univ.
- Gyeongnam Univ of S&T

- Gyeongsang Univ.

- Halla Univ.

- Hanbat Univ.
- Honam Univ.
- Incheon Univ.
- Inha Univ.
- Injae Univ.
- Jeju International Univ.
- Kanglong-Wonju Univ.
- Kangwon Univ.
- Kongju Univ.
- Korea Polytechnic Univ.
- Mokpo Maritime Univ.
- Myongji College

-Myongji Univ.
-Pusan Univ.
-Sangji Univ.
-Sejong Univ.
-Seoul National Univ of S&T
-Seoul National Univ.
-Seoyeong Univ.
-Sinansan Univ.
-Songwon Univ.
-TU Delft (NL)
-University of Seoul


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