2020 1st Daily Contents! Senior Research Engineer Kidong Lee

Hello. This is Senior Research Engineer Kidong Lee from Research & Development Team.

I want to introduce my Daily work & life to you.

Every morning I wake up at 7 to prepare for work.

As it is not an easy way from Yeongdeungpo to West Pangyo, it is nearly a little war preparing myself every morning.

It is so grateful that my wife prepares foods for me every day, even though she also needs to get ready for work.

She makes light and healthy breakfast for me, to help me lose weight.

It takes long time to go to work since I need to pass all the way through Seoul.

Though I had never imagined myself living in Seoul, it makes me feel special driving in Seoul every time I go to work and leave the office.

E8IGHT implemented the ‘flexible workplace system’ since 2020, which gives us options of working hours.

I have been considering taking the ‘10am – 7pm option’ and going to gym near the office before work.

The first thing I do since I come to work is to list up the to-do-list for today and start my work.

As a member of E8IGHT, I am responsible for developing the UI (User Interface) for all the E8IGHT software.

My main consideration at work is how to provide better UI to help users use the program easily and which functions will users need to complete their projects.

As my job is directly related to user satisfaction on the software, it makes me feel very rewarded imagining how they will feel facing the new updates.

I have been a member of E8IGHT for 7 years and the above images are the history of the UI changes.

To provide intuitive UI, we have tried many newly updates and we will try harder to provide better services.

To give a short advice to anyone interested in working in CFD or any other technology-related field, it is important to experience new technologies.

But I also want to emphasize the importance of the basics.

As the world changes rapidly, we are now facing the 4th industrial revolution.

In 4thindustrial revolution, the new AI or Digital twin technologies are getting more and more important.

However, all the new technologies should be the next step after you study the basics such as C, C++ language or algorithm.

Highlighting the important of basic technologies once more, now let’s get back to the topic!

The lunch restaurants options got much various compared to the office before relocation.

After the lunch, I used to walk around the office to organize the ideas.

It helps me refresh and focus on work.

Normally I leave the office early and have dinner with my wife, but sometimes I work late to satisfy the due date.

It is hard job to stay at work after the working hours, however there are some fun searching for new restaurants which I have not visited yet.

On Friday after work, my wife and I spend time to cheer ourselves up.

When it is warm, we used to go to rooftop to enjoy watching the wonderful night view of Seoul.

With my lovely wife at home and with my wonderful team at office, it reminds me how lucky I am.

Our team will work hard and promise you to provide better user experience.

Thank you for reading!

New Flow Leads Our World!


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Email. info@e8-korea.com

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