4th Industrial Revolution, What is Hyper Intelligence?

This is E8IGHT, sharing a news related to Hyper Intelligence and 4th Industrial Revolution! Let’s find out together what “Hyper Intelligence” is and where it can be used.

Firstly, what is 4th Industrial Revolution?

4th Industrial Revolution is defined as the convergence of information and communication technology of the next generation. The representing words are hyper-connection, super-fusion, hyper-intelligence.

What is Hyper Intelligence?

Hyper Intelligence refers to computer science or information technology that studies how computer programs can have learning, inferential and self-development ability where only living creatures can have. It’s also called as Super Intelligence, Superhuman Intelligence.

Among many fields, hyper-intelligence can be considered as a technology based on big data and AI! The word itself might be unfamiliar but if we look into the cases where hyper-intelligence is used it is already used in our daily life.

For example, a page that comes up with a custom video on YouTube is an example of using hyper-intelligence. It categorizes the videos according to the data of the user being on a certain video or clicking frequency. It analyzes with “smart intelligence” based on users’ data and automatically recommends a webpage, video or shopping lists to the user.

Another interesting example is McDonald’s!

How can fast food be related with hyper-intelligence?

With the advent of food delivery services, most restaurant’s food has become fast foods and McDonald’s sales have decreased since 2013.

So, McDonald has changed its CEO in 2015 and discovered growth keyword ‘innovation’ in Silicon Valley and made various changes. McDonald continuously made investments in technology startups or take over them. McDonald made a statement in which a burger company can also be innovative like Amazon. By the end of 2019, McDonald will commercialize data analysis and artificial intelligence with voice assistant technology.

Just as Netflix analyzes data to make a movie and recommends it to the users, McDonald will extract more than 50 keywords that describes the features from each menu and will use it to make recommendations of the menu to the customers. Also, they will take care of their loyal customers like Amazon Prime did and will provide differentiated services to the customers.

The good effects of the 4th industrial revolution comes from the connection and convergence of industries and technologies and the effects makes a huge change in our daily life.

Hyper-intelligence is closely tied to machine learning in terms of data collection and utilization. In CFD field the use of machine learning is increasing like digital twin.

For next news we’ll discuss about the cases in which hyper-intelligence and digital twin are applied.

The world is getting better and better with smarter and advanced technologies.

We, E8IGHT, will do our best to develop technology that makes a better world with better technology.

Thank you.

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