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This is E8IGHT, a company that develops particle-based CFD software NFLOW.

Today, we brought another version of one of our employeeโ€™s daily contents. Letโ€™s find out how Sue spends her day.

As I go to work I always start the day with a hot americano so that I can wake myself up ๐Ÿ˜Š

At Pangyo Techno Valley station, you can see that there are lot of workers passing by in rush to go to work. I run to exit 4 so that I wonโ€™t be late for work!

While taking a bus to work, I check my emails and think about the things that I must do in priority. I also surf the internet searching for things to link with our CFD software NFLOW.

This is an image of our company when getting off the elevator.

There are eight local restaurants designated by the company and thereโ€™s fun in choosing the menu. My favorite restaurant is a noodle house and they have a great noodle hash! Sometimes our team has lunch together with other teams and ask how theyโ€™re doing or about each otherโ€™s work.

After lunch, I take a rest with my colleagues having coffee or dessert on our companyโ€™s 6th floor : )

The team that I belong to, planning / marketing team, work on ways to make cfd software familiar and easier to not only for engineers but also for ordinary people. Also, our team tries to show the infinite potentials in CFD through various contents when itโ€™s been combined with other fields.

Our team makes marketing products such as marketing package containing our softwareโ€™s brochure, company and product profile.

Additionally, we upload contents and has various social channels to inform NFLOW and news regarding E8IGHT.

Recently, our company established a Singapore branch so thereโ€™s a lot of work that needs to be translated in English so one of my job is to translate various contents into English. Also, Iโ€™m responsible for E8IGHT English website, LinkedIn and our softwareโ€™s English manuals.

Our company cares about the interaction with other teams and think of having communication with other teammates very importantly. So, when our team makes contents or plans regarding our software, we talk a lot with the research team so that a high quality of a content comes out. Also, we cooperate with other teams when preparing events like user-training.

On Friday, I usually meet my friends and chat about our daily life or sometimes after work on weekdays I drink wine with my parents and wrap up the day.

On weekends, I make healing through reading books purchased with the monthly reading allowance that the company provides. Recently, I purchased โ€œWe need to talkโ€ and when was good to learn about ways to have a great communication.

So far, weโ€™ve looked into Sueโ€™s daily!

Next time weโ€™ll be back with another daily of our employee. Please do look forward to it.

Thank you.

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