Digital Twin No. 1, What is Digital Twin?

This is E8IGHT, a particle-based CFD Software Development company.

We would like to introduce a topic regarding “Digital Twin”.

What is Digtal Twin?

The word digital twin literally means creating twin objects in real life by using computers. It is a technology that predicts and prepares future by simulating continuously in virtually created environments.

Selected by global institution Gartner in 2018 as the world’s top 10 strategic technologies, digital twins have been used in many industries for a long time. It can be called as a kind of digital twin by creating a model of reality in virtual environment. Therefore, all the simple tasks of visualizing modeling files, such as CAD files, in a virtual environment are included in digital twin.

Lately, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), it has become possible to collect and utilize big data and has evolved beyond just visualization and monitoring to analysis and prediction.

Ultimately, it has reached a stage where optimized design for various situations are possible. Also, factories are improving and automated with machine learning utilizing big data in which it collects massive amounts of data.

Now, this is where digital thread comes up.

Digital Thread connects a large amount of data according to the process.

For instance, in order to improve and automate a plant in the manufacturing field, all input information from the product design stage to the shipment must be applied.

That’s why Digital Thread, in which it connects all the information during the process and has become one of the important technologies in Digital Twins.

Digital Twin has tremendous economic potential where it can be used in various areas.

In 2015, a McKinsey research found that by 2025, the introduction of digital twin technology would have an economic value of at least $3.9 trillion.

Next time, we will find out about a way of grafting NFLOW with Digital Twin.

Thank you.

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