Digital Twin No.2 - Cases of Digital Twin

Hello. This is E8IGHT.

Nowadays, a lot of technologies are being combined with machine learning and are being applied into various fields. Today, we are going to look into the cases of digital twin combined with machine learning.

The first case we are going to look into is “manufacturing”. The manufacturing field has already commercialized digital twin in its field and can be seen as a starting point of digital twin. In manufacturing field, digital twin is being utilized actively due to lack of skilled technician and production manpower.

By applying digital twin, fast decision making and problem-solving has become easier and quicker regardless of the distance between the manufacturing facility and the headquarters. These days, a lot of companies are adopting digital twin due to the huge effectiveness of it.

The advantage of using digital twin is that it simulates the actual manufacturing facility and finds out the problems the facility has and can fix it through simulating various situations in the virtual manufacturing facility. Data is accumulated while repeating the process of finding a solution in the virtual environment and can solve future problems faster with the data collected. A real manufacturing facility can be made through the optimization of the machine learning in virtual facility.

The second field where digital twin is applied is “urban construction”.

You’ve probably heard of ‘Virtual Singapore’ before. ‘Virtual Singapore’ is a typical example of a smart city that has applied digital twin. Last year, Singapore government has finally completed the implementation of a virtual city in Singapore. the city itself has moved into a virtual environment and provides a foundation for testing traffic and various facilities such as residential facility.

(How we design and build a smart city and nation, TEDx Talks)

Digital twin analyzes the air flow according to the layout of the building and the efficiency of the solar panels according to the position. It can also analyze the sunshine through the change of the shadow.

Not only in Singapore but also in Korea, smart city is being constructed in Sejong-si. ‘Smart City Digital Twin Platform’ R&D will be done by 2030 in Sejong-si. Like Virtual City in Singapore, the virtual environment where the city is in will provide foundation for many features including mobility and healthcare. Sejong-si is starting from designing stage of the smart city and various testing is in progress.

Smart City can be seen as a collection of digital twin! The city is built after various verifications and testing of smart city in a virtual environment. Isn’t it amazing?

As we can see through various cases of digital twin being utilized, it has a great potential and effectiveness it can bring to the world.

We, E8IGHT, will do our best to develop technology that makes a better world with better technology.

Thank you.

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