E8IGHT 2020 Opening Ceremony

Hello! This is E8IGHT!

On the 3rd of January 2020, E8IGHT held on an opening ceremony for the new year.

The opening ceremony was organized with the new year greetings from our president Jin Kim and nonexecutive director Park, awards ceremony, reorganization announcement, and closing speech.

The ceremony started with the new year greetings from our president and nonexecutive director.

The opening ceremony was held in E8IGHT’s conference room on the 6th floor. All executives and staff members gathered for the ceremony.

The awards were given to researchers who put a lot of effort on innovating during 2019. President Jin Kim give out the awards to all the recipients.


E8IGHT is pulling up for all members in 2020!

Furthermore, there was the big announcement that E8IGHT is going to be reorganized!

To enhance the work efficiency and to specialize the work force, our executives decided to reorganize E8IGHT with their deepest considerations.

Despite the huge change, it was a good chance to promote resolutions for improving E8IGHT with new mental attitudes.

After the opening ceremony, all executives and staff members went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant, ‘Bang Yu Dang’.

It was a great chance for everyone to communicate with each other and get to know other members of the company better.

It was a great time to be motivated and to start the year 2020.

All the best wishes to you in 2020!

Thank you for reading.

New Flow Leads Our World!


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