E8IGHT NFLOW SPH User Training Seminar

E8IGHT has brought news regarding NFLOW SPH user training seminar!

It was held on September 25th at headquarter in our conference room. We appreciate every one of the attendees from various companies and establishments who came and participated in the seminar.

The training seminar was conducted by our research team and we reflected the feedback from the last seminar and made few changes in consisting the seminar. We tried our best on consisting the seminar so that our users could be trained easily with convenience.

We made focus on our strength of our software which is it’s based on particle and showed the difference in theory and its strengths and weaknesses between mesh-based software. Particle-based software NFLOW SPH has its strength on convenient pre-processing so users can easily use the tool and apply their analysis and get the result.

Before we got into the training session, we added a session where we introduce about our software NFLOW SPH in detail.

Through the practice session, we explained the UI part more specifically so that users can deal the software with ease.

Unless you’re an expert, CFD SW could be unfamiliar to many of those. NFLOW can be applied to the program easily and quickly by non-experts from the user’s point of view. We are constantly improving UI so users can see the result of the analysis with more accuracy and convenience. Therefore, for those who has attended the user training seminar can learn NFLOW SPH effectively.

In order to provide high quality of training, there is a limitation in the number of people attending the seminar. Due to this limitation there were some people who couldn’t attend the seminar. For these people, we are currently working on user training tutorial videos and live broadcasting for user’s convenience.

Our company considers users’ feedbacks essential to our software development and will continue to improve through valuable feedbacks and users’ thoughts of our software.

We are grateful again for those of who had attended our user training seminar and please do look forward to our various promotions.

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Thank you.


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