Hello. This is E8IGHT.

The NFLOW SPH user training seminar was successfully held on 19.12.11 Wednesday.

Same with the last time, many attendants were noticed about the seminar schedule through various channels and homepage.

We thank you all attended for your interest in E8IGHT and NFLOW. Thank you!

Our seminar is improving with many feedbacks given by past attendants. This time, engineer Jihyung Lee and Jongsoo Lee deliver the lecture, consist of introduction and exercise of the product, for each NFLOW SPH BLUE and GREEN.

# NFLOW SPH user training seminar consists of theoretical lecture and several sample cases which will help users understand the program and help users to easily use it.

Through the basic and intensified training, we organized the lecture to let users experience the program.

According to the user survey, they were greatly satisfied with our practical-work session.

During the coffee break between lectures, we tried to provide various information by displaying SPH(Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics) and LBM(Lattice Boltzmann Methods) research papers, and NFLOW simulation videos about residual water inside the ship and Ballast Water Treatment Systems, large scale filtration plant, and siphon.

If you have any questions about using NFLOW for each organization or if you are interested in purchase, we receive inquiries through registration desk, homepage(www.e8-global.com) and our main number 1811-2707. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your queries.

NFLOW has been designated as an excellent product by Public Procurement Service and at the same time it has been selected as demonstrated purchase product in technology development product by Ministry of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Startups.

In coming 2020, we will prepare the seminar with more references and various program courses to provide better seminar.

Thank you for reading.

New Flow Leads Our World!


Tel. 1811-2707

Email. info@e8-korea.com

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