"Free Surface" simulation using NFLOW-SPH

Today, we brought a news related to “Free Surface”.

Free surface analysis is commonly used in CFD polyphase flow analysis.

Free surface is generally the surface where liquid and gas are in contact. Therefore, the free surface can move in fluid freely due to various external causes like surface tension.

This is the part where Lagrangian method performs its strength in the analysis of a fluid free surface where it moves with flow in space.

Lagrangian method automatically defines free surface because it moves the same way as the fluid flow.

NFLOW is an SPH particle-based solution using Lagrangian method, which has strength in free surface analysis.

Mesh-based CFD solutions are somewhat unnatural because of the difficulty of simulating the movement of water drops in free surface analysis and has a complicated process when analyzing free surface.

[ OpenFOAM – interFoam – Drop falling into water – 3D numerical simulation ]

As you can see through previous series of our NFLOW GREEN, you can run the simulation right away with a few minutes of pre-processing.

Also, the result shows the natural, water particles colliding and dispersing by analyzing every single particle’s movement.

In addition, users can set the particles in a desired size, so if you want a more detailed analysis you can reduce the size of the particles.

As you can see through the video footage, the water splashes in a shape of a square because in the option we’ve removed the structure to be not seen.

Analysis area, initial particles, and structures can be set in user’s desired way on visualization settings.

One of our NFLOW’s advantages is "Visualization".

For instance, other CFD solutions uses rendering programs for post-processing and visualization. However, NFLOW implements all stages of the process in one platform as an integrated platform loading rendering engine based on OpenGL.

The following video footage shows post-processing by water effect done in NFLOW.

NFLOW analyzes free surface in one platform from simple pre-processing to post-processing and provides accurate results with outstanding visualization.

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