Mokpo National Maritime University, NFLOW User Training

We brought a special news regarding NFLOW user training!

On August 14th, our company visited Mokpo National Maritime University to train our NFLOW users so that they could fully learn about the functions of the software and use the tool personally.

E8IGHT provides free software to universities or education establishments for those who need CFD software. Our company contributes to the society as part of ‘coexistence’ by training talented individuals with the software we develop.

Mokpo National Maritime University user training was also a part of this coexistence.

Solution research team visited the university and trained users regarding NFLOW installation and practice-based training.

Other foreign programs require mesh to be made and takes lot of time to create and set conditions for the analysis. On the other hand, NFLOW skips these processes and makes it easier for users to use the program and requires short time of learning.

On that day, users made a sample case after a simple explanation of using NFLOW and our research team members helped the users with individual guidance if they had any problems dealing with the program.

E8IGHT is preparing various promotions with NFLOW and periodically provides free user training and can apply through our website (

In order to create new value and strengthen competitiveness, E8IGHT not only develops required programs but also provides high-quality of services for users.

We will continue to put our enthusiasm and effort into developing our software in a way our users can have the convenience and efficiency at once.

We look forward to your interest in near future.

Thank you.

New Flow Leads Our World!



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