Narrow crack with NFLOW, Water Leak Simulation in Complex Structure

This is E8IGHT a company developing particle-based CFD software NFLOW.

On September 25th we had a seminar regarding NFLOW Training at our conference room and there was a question related to whether NFLOW can simulate complex structure from one of our users.

So, we wanted to give our users the answer to the question and simulated a water leak in a complex structure.

In mesh-based CFD software, it has difficulty creating meshes of the structure and takes a huge amount of time. Let’s see how NFLOW can easily simulate a water leak in a complex structure.

First, we created a structure that looks like a 3D maze with all six sides of the cross-shaped hole, as shown in the below picture. Above the structure we made a water pillar that will fall on top of the structure. Through the simulation we can see the direction of the water, where the water is collected and how the water leaks into the gaps of the structure.

The video below is an analysis simulated by NFLOW using cross section function so that we could see the inside of the structure.

The following video is from the aerial view of the structure and can see the water movement as time goes on.

Simulation in complex structure can be done by NFLOW and it’s been checked out with the simulation videos above.

Not only in buildings but also in various fields such as ships and machinery, NFLOW can be utilized and accurately show how the fluid moves in within the structure. Particularly in large and complex structures NFLOW show its strength!

To find out details on NFLOW and E8IGHT, visit our website and other SNS channels.

Thank you.

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