" NFLOW SPH ", GS Certification Acquisition

E8IGHT has obtained 1st Class of GS certification for its fluid analysis simulation ‘NFLOW SPH’.

GS certification is an international software standard certification system that evaluates the quality of software, including functional suitability, performance efficiency, usability, and security. Certified products are designated as priority purchase targets for public institution projects.

E8IGHT's NFLOW SPH is the first CFD software in Korea to apply the particle method (SPH technique). It can be used in any industry where fluid flow analysis is required.

It can greatly reduce the analysis time by not generating the grid and generate more than 100 million particles, making it possible to range from precision machinery to large-scale structure analysis. It is possible to verify the design of products and facilities in the fields of aerospace, machinery, shipbuilding, marine, home appliances, and water resources. It can also be used to prevent disasters such as floods and tsunamis.

E8IGHT CEO Jin-Hyun Kim says “ Through this GS certification, we will actively proceed business in water resources, government departments related to disaster safety. We will continue to provide reliable software to our clients through continuous research and development and will target domestic and global markets with our competitive software. “

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