Solution to Environmental Pollution “Cora ball”

We are going to introduce a new technology related to Green Survival!

Environmental Pollution is always a serious issue to the world and people try to save the world from it. These days pollution caused by plastic is a huge threat to the world and “Cora ball” is a solution to it.

Cora ball is made with 100% recyclable plastic, inspired by coral reefs which can filter seawater.

An average of 81,000 strands of microfibers fall off every time you do the laundry. Since 1907, the plastics produced by humanity amounted to 8.3 billion tons and among them only 9% are recycled.

Approximately 8 million tons a year are being washed away into the sea and by 2050 it’s expected to be heavier than all the fish in the ocean.

The small pieces of fiber emitted into the sea are likely to accumulate in people too!

However, if you use Cora ball we can prevent microfibers flow into the ocean. According to a production institution, an amount of 30 million plastic bottles can’t get into tap water if one of ten US households uses Cora ball.

CFD is closely related to various environmental problems which can become an issue in the industry. We can provide analysis simulations in various industries where it requires fluid analysis. By running simulations we can reduce unnecessary industrial waste, prevent accidents, and deal with environmental problems easily.

For instance, in order to protect marine ecosystem, it’s necessary to create a preliminary model to verify the design of processing equipment and ship ballast water treatment equipment (BWMS) required for large vessels which costs highly and its size are large.

In this case, if we use CFD SW for large-scale analysis such as NFLOW, not only we can increase the efficiency of the design but also can reduce excessive cost and unnecessary time consumption. Also, we can prevent environmental pollution from disposal by making a model.

E8IGHT tries to support and make technologies that make world a better place!

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