The Third Story of NFLOW LBM, Two-dimensional Cavity Flow

NFLOW LBM is going to be released very soon, and as it will be launched, let’s look at an analysis simulated by NFLOW LBM.

The analysis is an advanced version of the last story two-dimensional cavity flow. On the simulation we analyzed the two-dimensional cavity flow with more specific Reynolds numbers.

Before we look further into the analysis, let’s start with the definition of Reynolds number.

What is Reynolds number?

The definition of the Reynolds number is a viscous force for the relative ratio of the force of inertia.

The formula is expressed as followed.

The meaning of each symbol is as followed.

V : Flow velocity

v : Kinematic viscosity of the fluid

D = Characteristic length scale (representative of the object’s size)

Reynolds number is used mainly in hydrodynamics to predict whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.

Laminar flow has a high viscous flow with a low Reynolds number and shows a stable flow.

Turbulence, on the other hand, has a high inertial flow in which shows features of vortices.

Let’s look at the analysis below in which it shows the difference in flow in the cavity as Reynolds number changes.

<Re = 100,000>

<Re = 500,000>

<Re = 10,000,000>

Simulation video in the order of Reynolds number 100,000 / 500,000 / 10,000,000.

As you can see through the video, when Reynolds number differs, there is a distinct difference in the flow. Also, through the explanation above, when the relative inertia becomes stronger, the Reynolds number increases, which shows that many vortices are generated.

So far, we’ve looked into the analysis of two-dimensional flow changes in two-dimensional cavity flow when Reynolds number changes.

E8IGHT will continue to put effort into developing a better technology so that our world could become a better place.

Please look forward to our NFLOW LBM.

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