Use of NFLOW GREEN "Multi-Phase Flow"

Today we came back with NFLOW GREEN regarding “Multi-Phase Flow”!

This time our marketing team member has tried a simulation on multi-phase flow that is quite hard to implement.

Multi-phase plays a key role in CFD simulations. Since both fluids are analyzed simultaneously the range of the analysis becomes much wider.

In multi-phase flow, various phenomena can be analyzed through the interaction in between fluids. Therefore, physical properties of fluids can be set differently and analyzed since NFLOW GREEN is based on particles.

In previous water-park simulation, we analyzed only on liquid ‘water’.

But this time we are going to analyze ‘water’ and ‘oil’ which has different density and viscosity.

As many people know water and oil can’t be mixed together due to difference of density. Through this simulation we are going to see how water and oil becomes separated.

First, import the structure CAD file and then load the box, and set the plane for cross-sectional view for easy observation.

Next, set the particle properties of each fluid and set the oil’s density as 0.9 and water to 1. When this is done, we set oil and water as the initial particles so that it can be mixed right in the box.

Do you see the box in which the particles will be created?

We are almost there! Finally, we set the particle size, the analysis time, and the time step in the overall analysis setting.

All you need to do is click the analyze button!

Now the analysis is done. Let’s import the result right away.

The result of the analysis can be retrieved at any time like the video footage shown above. You can also see various post-processing settings available in options and visibility settings.

One more thing!

NFLOW has its own recording function, so you can record the result in desired composition. In the recorded video, there is no difference in the play speed according to the analysis interval, so the movement of the fluid is observed even more naturally.

By using NFLOW GREEN, various fluids can be analyzed by applying property values. You can utilize NFLOW GREEN to analyze simple structures as well as complex structures and terrains.

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Thank you.

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